Why you need to get to 500 Medicare members

If you’re an insurance agent, or even if you’re not, I want to make real to you why you should be working in the Medicare marketplace and how it can change your life. In most states, a new Medicare Advantage plan pays the agent $539 year-one commission in 2021. If you were changing someone fromContinue reading “Why you need to get to 500 Medicare members”

How fast can you start a new career?

My last sales job fell apart in 2010. I lived on a tiny island with an economy based mainly on real estate and tourism. Neither of those were doing good. There were few job listings. I even mailed custom letters and resumes to the 50 top companies on the island and got zero results. AtContinue reading “How fast can you start a new career?”

If you’re an insurance agent and you’re not in the Medicare marketplace, you are missing the boat.

Yes, there’s more regulation in the Medicare insurance marketplace. Yes, there are annual certifications you have to take. Yes, it takes a few years to become an expert and build a decent-sized book of business. But it’s all worth it. Nobody gets rich the first couple years doing Medicare. But the renewals are the bestContinue reading “If you’re an insurance agent and you’re not in the Medicare marketplace, you are missing the boat.”

On being a medical professional…

I’m a little behind on blog posts. Please forgive! Beginning of the year is always tough and busy for anyone really “in” this business. There are lots of business-building ideas I could give but it’s time for a more important conversation: If you’re a Medicare insurance agent, you need to be a professional and relyContinue reading “On being a medical professional…”

Be helpful and be available

If you’re seriously working this industry, your availability, knowledge and helpfulness are your greatest values. There are only two days left in the year. Some people need January 1 coverage. If they are willing to meet and you can make the time, I recommend you do. Yesterday, I had two appointments before lunch. That willContinue reading “Be helpful and be available”

Be thankful and go help a senior…

Within a year of starting this work, I became how aware of how many of our seniors (in Hawaii we say “kupuna”) live at or below the poverty level. It’s staggering. I According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, as of 2017, about 7 million people age 65 or older had incomes at or below theContinue reading “Be thankful and go help a senior…”

Working with Part D

So, Part D is wonderful… and horrible. It’s better than the prescription drug coverage Medicare had before– none. But that’s about it. Many people said it was a gift to the pharmaceutical companies in that the legislation doesn’t allow Medicare to bulk negotiate with pharmaceutical companies– they can basically charge what they want. FYI, there’sContinue reading “Working with Part D”