Why you need to get to 500 Medicare members

If you’re an insurance agent, or even if you’re not, I want to make real to you why you should be working in the Medicare marketplace and how it can change your life.

In most states, a new Medicare Advantage plan pays the agent $539 year-one commission in 2021. If you were changing someone from one Advantage plan to another, you’d receive half of that. So, whether it took you one year– or ten years– to get to 500 Medicare Advantage members, you would have in first year commissions earned between $134,750 and $269,500. But that’s only the beginning.

After year one, your per member renewal will be at least $22.45 for life. “What?” you say. You’re only used to five- or ten-year renewals on your contracts. That’s not so with Medicare. Most plans are or have already moved to lifetime renewals. That means if the member stays on that plan with you as their agent, you’ll receive $22.45 every month for the rest of his or her life. Once you get to 500 members, that will be monthly renewals of at least $11,225.

How would your life change if you had over $11K coming in each month before you even started working? Would you be disappointed if it took you a whole decade to get there? Would you move to a different neighborhood? State? Would you put your kids in different schools? Would you contribute to your community in different ways? Would you make charitable contributions you can’t now? What would be possible? Here’s the deal: It is possible. I’ve done it and I know dozens of agents who have done it. We can substantiate it with commission statements proving this is true. How often does that happen in multi-level marketing scams? Almost never because no one is really making any more.

If you’re not even an insurance agent, it’s not too late. 10,000 people turn 65 every month in the United States and become eligible for Medicare. That trend will continue till 2029. What do you think will happen if Biden is elected and allows people to sign up for Medicare as early as age 60? Even more opportunity. If you’d like to find our more, check out our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmcf7Q9ct-O7TcSILp0JTsA/videos?view_as=subscriber or our training website at https://themedicaregeek.com/. Feel free to email with any questions at themedicaregeek@gmail.com.

We’re halfway through 2020 and a global pandemic. Start now for success in 2021 that will move you beyond what you ever thought was possible. One way or another, you’ll be ten years older in ten years. Will you have the renewals to make it worth it?

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